In this folder, I included a series of songs that should be on a professional album called "Back Home" someday. I recorded them by myself, using acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica and vocals - and changed some guitar sounds a bit with the Cubase software. 

Thomas Graf: Back Home

















Download Name Play Size Duration
download Back home
Thomas Graf

4.6 MB 4:03 min
download Stuff like that
Thomas Graf

4.2 MB 3:38 min
download She's afraid
Thomas Graf

5.9 MB 5:12 min
download Happy birthday old bastard
Thomas Graf

4 MB 3:30 min
download Let it go
Thomas Graf

4.9 MB 4:17 min
download This kiss
Thomas Graf

5.9 MB 5:11 min
download The real thing
Thomas Graf

4.4 MB 3:52 min
download Wide awake and alive
Thomas Graf

4.9 MB 4:19 min
download Foreign Land
Thomas Graf

6.2 MB 5:26 min
download The killer
Thomas Graf

4.2 MB 3:40 min
download When you're on your own
Thomas Graf

5.5 MB 4:47 min
download Slowing down
Thomas Graf

7.7 MB 6:45 min


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