August 3, 2017

New song..."Jetzt ist unsre Zeit"... Nothing new in terms of music, but good drive and the first German song after a long time... 


July 4-19, 2017

Wrote some new lines... Somebody else's home. And here is a quick recording.


May 8, 2017

Rewrote the first stanzas of Crazy to get calm and Broken Day recently. Fit better with the rest of songs now and provide both tracks with some more meaning.

Crazy to get calm

Some folks believe in a promised land
And that to get in they need a gun in their hands
Good guys die too young
While villains live on their pension funds

Some guys bear a load of sins on their back
Without suffering or any regret
Some guys are sitting in a golden chair
The world may be starving but they wouldn’t care




Broken Day

It was a late summer day
a beginning crusade
the whole world standing still
Some birds high in the sky
exploding in a fire
of pain and gasoline

Iblis may have laughed 
His Hydra being cast 
Onto both sides of the line
And as in every war
Clear boundaries were falling
‘tween the evil and divine